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Avin India is a renowned pharmaceutical company in India, specializing in the production and distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and Pharmaceutical Intermediates. With over 25 years of industry expertise, we have earned a solid reputation as a reliable and trusted provider of top-notch products and services. As a leading Pharmaceutical API company, Avin India offers a comprehensive catalog of over 20,000+ products available worldwide. Our main headquarters are situated in Mumbai, and we also maintain an international office in Egypt to serve our global clientele effectively.

Top pharmaceutical company in India, providing high-quality formulations.

Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing in India

As a prominent pharmaceutical company in India, we specialize in the production of essential pharmaceutical excipients and intermediates. Our wide range of products plays a vital role in formulating high-quality pharmaceutical drugs. We adhere to stringent quality control standards throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that our offerings align perfectly with the specific needs of our clientele.

Leading Pharmaceutical Ingredients Manufacturer

Avin India takes pride in being a top pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer in India. Our ingredients are engineered to facilitate controlled drug release and are utilized across a spectrum of formulations. We provide a diverse selection of pellets, including sustained-release pellets, enteric-coated pellets, and taste-masked pellets, catering to the varied requirements of our customers in the pharmaceutical products market in India.

Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing

Avin India stands as a pioneering pharmaceutical company in India, excelling in the research, development, and production of premium-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Our APIs are meticulously crafted under stringent quality control standards, tailored to precisely match the individual demands of our valued customers. Our API catalog encompasses a diverse array of offerings, spanning from anti-inflammatory medications and cardiovascular treatments to antibiotics and more, addressing a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical needs in India.

Dedicated to Quality Excellence

At Avin India, our unwavering dedication revolves around delivering the utmost in product and service quality to our valued customers. We uphold rigorous quality control protocols and maintain a steadfast adherence to global standards, assuring that our products consistently surpass the highest benchmarks of quality.

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